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Booknizer is a universal helper for everybody who loves reading. It is not just a convenient book organizer, but also a tool for finding new interesting books. With its help you will easily bring order to your entire library, putting information about paper books, e-books, and audio books into a single catalog.

With Booknizer it does not matter which form you have a particular book in. There may be several copies of the same book in your library, for example, e-book, paper book, and audio book. Booknizer will put them together, making it easier to find necessary information and discovering links that are not always obvious. Furthermore, you can get information about interesting authors directly in the program. For instance, the program will download bibliography of the author from the internet, allowing you to check which books outside of your collection could be worth of taking a look at.

In Booknizer you can specify the exact location of every paper book and every CD with an audio book. From now on you will not need to take books down from a shelf to make sure that the required book is not available in the second row. Just start the program, and it will prompt where you can find the book. Maybe it is the same book that a friend of yours took last year and never returned?

The loan manager of Booknizer will remind you whom your gave your books and when they were to be returned. It also keeps information about previous loans. This may be useful in several cases: for example, at some moment later you may take your book and discover that it is in a bad shape. The loan manager will remind you whom you gave the book lately, and you will be able to decide if you want to share valuable items from your library with this person in the future.

Lately electronic, or digital, books are becoming more and more popular. Booknizer will scan folders of your choice on your computer or on the network and add all e-books that it finds in these folders to your catalog. Thereafter you will be able to use all features of the program to sort and search your books, browse covers, read summaries and the books themselves (an additional program may be required for reading). Booknizer supports all popular formats of e-books, including PDF, MOBI, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, FB2, PRC. The book organizer also works with archives (ZIP and RAR files).

With a single click you can let Booknizer show all books of this or that author from your collection, display all books of a particular genre, show unread books. The powerful search engine allows combining different conditions - for example, show all unread science fiction books by Dan Simmons published after 2000.

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