Add Books Using Barcodes / ISBN

Booknizer allows adding books to its catalog in several ways: it can scan folders (when adding electronic or audio books), add books using their titles (useful for any types of books), add books using their barcodes or ISBN.

Booknizer offers three options for adding barcodes:

  • With a barcode scanner. You can use almost any USB barcode scanner and some portable ones.
  • Using a webcam. The program can recognize barcodes shown to a usual webcam.
  • Manually.

To add books using their barcodes, click the "Add book" button on the toolbar:

Add a book

The "Add book" wizard will be shown. By default, the first option is selected, "Add book by title". Switch to the second option:

Add a book using its barcode or ISBN

Now you can enter barcodes using any from the above described ways. If you have a barcode scanner, it will deliver the best results. Using a webcam, please make sure that there is enough light. If you enter barcodes manually, press "Enter" after entering each one. After this the program will find information about the book in the internet and show its cover, title and other details.

Using a barcode scanner or a webcam, you can scan one book after another, they will be recognized and added to the list automatically. When adding barcodes manually, press the green plus in the right upper corner of the field to proceed to the next barcode or ISBN.

After adding books from barcodes you can download additional information from the internet. If you disable the "Download information about the book from the internet" option, the program will add the information it has already downloaded: book cover, author, year, etc.

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