Report Builder

Booknizer is a convenient book catalog program with numerous options for sorting and filtering the list of the books you added to the program, searching for necessary books, creating reports and statistical charts.

The program comes with several pre-installed reports. If they do not offer the information you need, or you simply need the information to be displayed in a different way, you can easily create your own report, placing items in the desired order.

Click the "Report builder" button in the reports window to open the report builder. The contents of the window will change:

Report builder

In the left part of the window, a preview for the new report is shown. In the right part we can select and change various elements: add new columns using the "+" button, remove columns using the "-" button, edit width of columns, their titles, number and contents of the fields to be displayed, etc. Columns are represented as tabs on the right pane, the tab's number equals the number of the corresponding column, counting from the left. To edit a column, open its tab on the right pane and adjust the values.

After creating a report, click the "Save report" button on the toolbar and enter a filename. From now on you can use the new template by selecting it from the "Report" list in the "Reports" window.

To return to the Reports window, click the "Report builder" button on the toolbar once again. To quit reports and return to the program, just close the window.

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