Book Database Password

If you computer is used by other people and you do not want them to browse or change your book database, you can use the built-in feature of Booknizer to protect your database with a password.

To enable password protection for the current database, select "File" - "Set up database password":

Enable password protection for the current book database

A new window will be shown. Enter and confirm a password for your book database:

Enter and confirm a password

The password will be activated after you click the "Save" button. Now every time the book database is accessed Booknizer will ask for the password. If a user enters incorrect password, the book organizer will not open the database.

The password will be set only for the currently opened database. If you use several databases for your books, you and other users will still be able to open the other databases without entering any passwords.

To remove the password, open the database and repeat the steps described above, but leave the password fields empty.

Please take into account that the password does not encrypt your database, it simply prevents Booknizer from opening it if an incorrect password was supplied. If you want to protect your book database from any access (including third-party tools), it is recommended to use a professional encryption tool.

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