What's new in Booknizer 10

Improvements and new features in Booknizer 10

[!] New engine.

Booknizer includes a number of significant improvements thanks to the new internal engine. Most of the old code was completely rewritten to get rid of bugs and include modern optimizations.

[+] Support for picture download via HTTPS.

Because of the recent requirement for better protection of personal details, most sites started to serve all content (including pictures) via the secure HTTPS protocol. Booknizer supports this protocol for all types of content, too. As a result, search results come with covers and photos again.

Search results with book covers

[+] Quick filter for authors.

In previous versions of Booknizer, the quick filter menu always referred to books. Booknizer can apply quick filters to authors, too. When the "Authors" tab is active, the menu switches to the authors view automatically.

Quick filters for authors - filter by custom fields

[+] Look up any highlighted phrase in Google.

For your convenience, Booknizer offers an easy way to find more information about anything. Just highlight a phrase from a book description / biography / another item, right-click it and choose to find on Google.

Find on Google

[+] If the book is already available in your library, a warning is shown.

Booknizer shows a message under the search result list, if you select a book that is already available in your collection. This may help you when you want to add multiple books with the same title.

The book exists in the collection

[+] When you type into lists, the program searches for the best match.

While you can select a value from the dropdown list, this may become pretty difficult if the list is huge. In such case, you can simply type several letters into the field, and Booknizer will scroll the list down to the first relevant result. If it's the only result, you can simply hit "Save", and everything is set.

Most relevant result is suggested

[+] The new publication year field can hold the year of a particular edition.

In Booknizer, you can easily add multiple editions of the same book, for example, a hard cover edition, a paperback, an e-book, etc. However, each edition may have its own publication year, which may differ from the year when the book was first released. Booknizer adds a special field on the "Editions" tab, publication year.

Year of this edition

[+] The total cost of your collection is now shown in the statistics window (according to the price entered or downloaded).

If you download or enter actual prices of your books into the corresponding field of Booknizer, the program can display the total cost of your library. For this information, check the "Statistics" window (F7).

Total cost of your library

[+] Added new download capabilities to work with modern site engines.

As new technologies become popular, some information may become unavailable for older versions of Booknizer. Booknizer includes a number of improvements and supports the latest methods of information retrieval.

[*] Enabling Group Operations in a single click.

In Booknizer you can simply move the mouse cursor over the list of covers / photos and select an item by clicking on a checkbox that appears. This enables Group Operations, allowing to change / update multiple items at once. This is different from previous version, where you needed to enable Group Operations separately.

Select a book to enable group operations

[*] Tree view of the main list is activated by the button at the bottom of the list.

Previous versions of Booknizers had an additional tab for the tree view, Collection. It allowed to sort your collection of books in many ways, including custom ones. Booknizer keeps this functionality, but it moved to the "Tree view" mode button at the bottom of the list.

Tree view (collection)

[*] Better structured settings window.

Another improvement in Booknizer is its cleaner settings window with a tree-like navigation. Now you can easily see the complete structure of the available settings and adjustments.

Settings window

[*] The directory tree hides after the file scanner finishes finding some books.

In Booknizer, you can add audio books and e-books from files, using the built-in file scanner. For your convenience, Booknizer hides the directory tree of the scanner once the search is finished and some books are found. Thus, you can use the complete width of the window to preview and edit book titles before sending them to download. Of course, you can easily get the directory structure back by dragging the divider.

Drag to show directory structure

[*] Updates in interface scripts.

All available interface scripts (modern, orange, breeze) were updated to include new features and optimizations.

Modern user interface

[-] Fixed downloading information about book series.

A problem was fixed that prevented Booknizer from downloading information about book series.

[-] Various bugs fixed.

There are numerous small improvements and bug fixes in Booknizer. Use our support form or forum to report a bug or suggest a new feature!

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