Copy E-books to Reader Devices

With Booknizer you can easily organize your home library. The book organizer will collect information about paper, electronic and audio books, downloading necessary details from the internet or extracting them directly from the book files. Later you will be able to find any book within a few seconds, read its summary, take a look at its cover and other pictures from the book, discover where exactly the book can be found, listen to the audio book or read the e-book.

However, if you prefer to read e-books on a special book reader device, you will find the feature described in this topic quite useful. Booknizer can copy electronic books from your library to your e-book reader device and synchronize books on your reader with books on your computer.

To copy books to your e-book reader, connect the latter to your computer. In a few seconds Booknizer will display a new button, "Copy books", on its toolbar:

Button to copy books to an e-book reader

Click the button. A new window will appear:

Copy e-books to your reader

In the upper part of the window, there is a "Booknizer" button. Next to it, a button with the name of our e-book reader device is displayed (if we insert only a memory card, the name of the memory card will be displayed). By default, the "Booknizer" button is depressed. This means that the window shows the books that we have added to Booknizer. We can select any number of books from the list, using Ctrl + click to add them to the selection. If you want to read some particular book, just enter a few letters from its title into the quick search field in the upper part of the window. The books will be filtered by the entered phrase instantly.

More about filtering e-books and copy settings...

To copy the selected books to your e-book reader device, click the "Copy" button in the lower part of the window. Depending on the number and size of the selected books, and on the connection speed of your device, copying the books may take some time. As a rule, a few books will be copied to your reader device within a second. After copying the selected e-books, the program will report success:

E-books have been copied to the reader device

Click the "Copy other books..." link if you want to copy more books. Otherwise just click the "Close" button to quit the window.

You can also copy single e-books directly from the page of the corresponding book in the program. To do so, right-click the page of the book and choose "Copy to device":

Copy e-book from its page in Booknizer

If you have not connected your book reader device yet, the menu item will not be shown.

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