Update Scripts

Scripts allow Booknizer downloading information about books and authors from different online sources. As the format and layout of data supplied by these sources may change, scripts need to be updated from time to time. Otherwise you may receive incomplete or incorrect information.

By default Booknizer checks for newer versions of scripts when you start the program. If you disabled this feature, you can open the script updater by selecting "Tools" - "Update scripts...":

Open the script updater

The script updater window will be displayed:

Update scripts

Here we can see two options and two buttons.

The "Download missing scripts" option will download from the server new scripts that were not available in the setup package. From time to time new scripts appear, adding support for new sites with information about books and authors.

"Check for new scripts automatically at startup" is enabled by default. This allows the program checking for newer versions of the scripts that you use when you start the book organizer. Thus you will always use the latest versions of the download scripts. If you disable this option, you will need to check for newer versions of scripts manually.

The "Check used scripts" button will check for newer versions of the script for books and script for authors that are selected in the program.

"Check all scripts" will check all available scripts (this does not include missing scripts, unless you enable the option) and update them as necessary.

After updating your download scripts, just click the close window button in the right upper corner of the window.

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