Loan Manager

After adding information about your books to Booknizer you will always know where this or that book can be found. The program stores links to files of electronic and audio books, as well as information about location of paper books and audio book CDs.

If you give your friends books from your library from time to time, you will appreciate the functionality of the built-in loan manager. It allows tracking borrowed books: you can note whom you gave your books, loan date, due date. The loan manager of Booknizer stores information about previous loans, thus you will always know whom and when you gave this or that book.

To work with loans, click the loan manager button on the toolbar of the book organizer:

Open the loan manager

The loan manager window will appear:

Loan manager

To add a new loan, select the loaned book from the "Book" dropdown list in the lower part of the window. Set its current location using the "Location" field, specify its loan date and the date where you expect it to be returned. Add any comments into the "Comment" field. If you often give your books the same person, you can add the person to the "Location" field (to edit the list of locations, click the "..." on the right).

After setting necessary values, click the "Add a loan" button. Information about the loan will be added to the list.

If you want to edit an existing entry, select it from the list, edit the fields and click the "Save" button.

To remove an entry from the list, select it and click the "Delete a loan" button.

Please note that the list of books includes all books that have the "Location" field set, and not just the borrowed books. If you remove books from the list, their location field will be cleared.

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