Library Statistics

After adding your books to Booknizer you will be able to sort your library by different criteria, make selections, quickly find necessary books, browse information about authors. Information about your library or about its part can be printed or exported to a popular format using Reports. Additionally Booknizer offers statistics of various properties of your library as a table or a chart.

To open the statistics window, select "Reports" - "Statistics":

Open the statistics window

A new window will appear:


We can see two tabs in this window: "Diagram" and "Grid". In the "Grid" mode, information about your book collection is shown in a table. In the "Diagram" mode, a chart is created, as displayed on the screenshot above.

From the "Report" field, select the field you want to build a statistical diagram for.

Now we can export the results to MS Excel or to a text file. It is also possible to print the statistics.

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