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With Booknizer you can easily organize books in any format: paper books, electronic books (e-books), audio books. The program offers many convenient tools to search and sort the books from your library. For example, the "Collection" tab allows sorting books and authors in any way, and you can easily create your own sorting rules. The "Search" tab allows selecting books or authors by multiple criteria. Quick filter will show a list of books that have a certain property (for example, unread books). Besides, all entries in the program are represented as hyperlinks. You can click the "Crime" link to get the complete list of crime books from your library, by clicking the year on a book's page you can easily see all books published in the year.

However, if you simply need to find a particular book or author, switching from one tab to another is a very long process for such a simple task. That's why Booknizer offers a very easy and quick search method: a special field on the toolbar. After entering a few books from the book's title or author's name, you will see the corresponding entry. Booknizer starts searching as you type, so it is not necessary to enter the complete title. The required book (or author) will appear in the visible area pretty soon.

Quick search for books and authors

To reset the search and return to the full list of books, press "All" on the toolbar, to the left from the letter filters.

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