User Interfaces (Themes)

Booknizer displays information about books and authors in two of its main areas: the list with tabs on the left and the bigger information area on the right. The layout and design of these areas are controlled by the active user interface script.

By default, Booknizer comes with the Breeze interface enabled. As you add books and authors into the program, your collection may start looking like this:

Breeze interface theme

Depending on your screen resolution, more details may be displayed.

However, you can switch to a different interface theme. To do so, press F10 or select "Tools" - "Options":

Open the options window

This opens the "Options" window on its "General" tab (by default). Click the "User interface" tab to switch to it.

User interfaces

There is a list that shows all available user interface scripts (currently there are two). We can see that the "Breeze" interface entry is selected (highlighted).

Click the other entry to select it. Booknizer switches to the selected interface immediately, you can see the changes behind the "Options" window.

We can click "OK" to close the window. Now our collection looks like this:

Modern user interface

Each interface may offer not just different design, but also different features.

Interface scripts of Booknizer are open source. If you have some experience in programming / software development, you can check how existing scripts work and modify them according to your needs. If you make significant changes in features and/or in the design, please consider making your modification available on our forum. We would be happy to offer you a free license for this kind of contribution.

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