Creating Wish Lists

Booknizer helps you organizing your home library, which may include books in any format or of any type. The book organizer supports e-books, audio books, paper books, etc.

You can easily add your books into the program, downloading such information as cover, summary, author(s), and more from the internet or entering it manually. The books can be sorted and searched in many ways, it is possible to read e-books directly from Booknizer, listen to audio books using the built-in or an external player, and so on.

The above refers to the books that you have. However, Booknizer has also tools to work with books that you do not have at the moment.

A wish list is typically a list of items that you do not have but would like to get somehow (purchase, download, etc.). In Booknizer, you can easily create such a wish list of books.

As you download bibliographies of authors and check books that you haven't read yet, you may discover some promising or interesting works. While they are not in your collection yet, you can add them to a special list. Just click the hightlighted icon on the page of the book:

Add the book to the wish list

Alternatively, double click the page to open the "Edit info" window and check the "Wanted" box:

Mark the book as wanted

Now the book is in our wish list. As it is not in our collection (the "In collection" status is not set), the book will not appear in any regular listings. But we can use the "Quick filter" menu to show our wish list:

Show only wanted books

Now the "Books" tab displays only our wanted books:

Wanted books

We can easily export or print this list using Reports (F6).

The "Wanted" status can also be used on the "Collection" tab and in Group Operations.

Additionally, the "wanted" icon can be displayed in bibliographies:

A wanted book in a bibliography

To enable this, open the settings window of the program (F10), select the "User interface" tab, click the "Settings" button below the list and check the "Show the wanted icon" box.

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