E-book Copy Settings

Booknizer helps organizing information about different types of books: electronic, paper, audio. You can also use the program to copy e-books to your reader device and the other way conveniently. As distinguished from typical programs that one uses to copy e-books to devices, Booknizer offers quite a number of powerful features to select books from your library.

By default, the "Booknizer" button is selected in the copy window. If we press the device button next to it, we will be able to browse books stored on the reader device and to copy books from the reader to our computer:

Buttons to copy from or to your e-book reader

Books that exist on your reader device have their titles in green:

E-book with the green title exists on the device

Using the "View" button we can switch between different view modes: Detailed list, Tiles, Large icons, etc.:

View modes

The star button next to "View" allows filtering the book list by your rating.

The quick search field allows quickly finding a particular book, just enter a few letters from its title or from the name of its author:

Quick search for e-books

In the left lower corner, there is an "Eject" button. With its help we can safely remove our book reader device (memory card):

Eject e-book reader

Next to the "Eject" button, there is an "Options" hyperlink. Click it to open a settings window:

E-book reader settings

Here we can select a folder on our e-book reader we want to copy books from Booknizer to, and a folder on our computer where e-books from the device should be saved. Below we can enable (or disable) file extensions supported by our device. For the most popular e-book reader devices, Booknizer detects supported formats automatically. If a device is not recognized (for example, we insert a memory card instead of connecting our e-book reader), the program will select all formats.

The "Convert books to another format" feature allows using the built-in e-book converter to convert files from their source format that is not supported by the device to one of the supported formats. Owners of such e-book reader devices as Nook, readers from Sony and from other well-known manufacturers will be able to copy and convert e-books "on the fly".

After adjusting the settings, click the "Save" button to save your changes for the selected e-book reader device.

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