Update Paths to E-books

With Booknizer you can organize your paper books, audio books, and e-books. E-books are pretty handy in the sense that you can read them directly from the program or easily copy them to your e-reader device (like Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook).

As you add e-books from files and folders, Booknizer saves links to the corresponding e-book files automatically. But what if at some point you move your files to a different location (folder, drive)? Links in your Booknizer database become broken, and you can no longer read books or synchronize them with your devices.

Of course, you can open the "Edit info" window for a book, go to the "Editions" tab and update the path manually. However, this can be boring, if you move a dozen of books, and close to impossible, if several thousand books are moved.

Luckily, there is an easy solution. You can use a plugin to update all paths in a single operation.

The Path Changer plugin can be downloaded from our forum or taken from the "Plugins" folder of Movienizer (if you have Movienizer installed on your computer). Save the "PathChanger.dll" into the Plugins folder of Booknizer:

Plugins folder of Booknizer

The typical path on a 32-bit system would be C:\Program Files\Booknizer\Plugins. On a 64-bit system, the path is somewhat different: C:\Program Files (x86)\Booknizer\Plugins.

After copying the PathChanger.dll file into the Plugins folder, start (or restart, if it is running) Booknizer. Now you will find a new "Path Changer" entry in the "Plugins" menu of the program:

Start the Path Changer plugin

Click it to open the plugin.

Update paths to e-books

The main list of the plugin (the lower part of the window) will be populated with filenames from your current Booknizer database (the path and filename of the database are displayed in the title of the plugin window).

Everything is pretty easy here. As first, select filenames that you want to update (the green checkmark button will select all filenames on the list). By default, no filenames are selected.

Now imagine that we've moved our folder with e-books from N:\Share\ to K:\.

Let's enter N:\Share\ into the "Find in filenames:" field (the left upper corner of the window) and K:\ into the "Replace the above with:" field.

Click the "Preview" button to preview the future paths in the third column of the main list. If everything is correct, click "Apply" to update paths to your e-book files.

Please take into account that the plugin is case sensitive. If your paths are entered as N:\Share\..., and you enter n:\share into the "Find in filenames" field, the plugin will not do anything.

The "Update disc labels automatically" option allows updating the "Disc label" field, if you moved your e-books to a different volume.

The "Select filenames containing:" on the right allows you filtering the list, showing only the relevant entries. For example, you can easily select all files from the N: drive, removing all other entries from the list. Another example: we could easily select all Vernor Vinge books.

The Path Changer plugin also allows changing disc label and location for the selected e-books without updating their paths. The corresponding options are available on the right, under the filter.

After applying changes, close the plugin window to return to Booknizer.

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