What Do People Use to Read?

What do you use to read? In today’s busy age, we’re reading at home and on the go. We can use different media. What paperback and iPhone have in common? We can use them for reading.

The History of Reading Media: From Papyrus to eInk

The history of reading media is amazing. From clay tablets and papyrus to modern age we’ve seen amazing changes in ways how we write, store and read information. Just a decade ago, it seemed that paper books are not going anywhere. It was a couple of years ago when eBooks outsold paperbacks in Amazon for the first time. Today, most information is created, distributed and consumed digitally. More than 80% of information never leaves the digital domain. This number is quickly growing. But what do we use to actually read what we buy?

Reading on computerComputers

Computer geeks have been using their PCs to read books and stories for decades. You can still use your PC or laptop to read a book. There’s no lack of software that can turn your computer into a powerful eBook reader. There are tools that can turn your PC to a powerful library). The question of bulk, weight, longevity and plain handling is what’s making computers less than a perfect fit for the purpose of reading.

eBook Readers

Reading on ebook readerDedicated eBook readers are great for reading. A good model can last years. Today’s electronic book readers are easy on the eyes – more so than newspaper. They’re light, durable and long-lasting. They’re more convenient to handle than a newspaper and easier to carry than a hardcover. Color models provide an amazing amount of interactivity complete with sounds and animation. That’s something traditional books have a hard time competing with. Models based on eInk offer look and feel that’s extremely close to traditional paper. Their non-reflective screens make reading leisure.

iPhones and Smartphones

Reading on iPhone“Hey, I can read on my iPhone!” Yes you can, for a while. While modern smartphones are extremely portable, pocketable and beg to be used on the go, using their diminutive screens to read something longer than a tweet puts unreasonable strain on your eyes. That said, there are dozens (or maybe even hundreds) apps that’ll readily turn your phone into an eBook reader. If you’re young, have a sharp eye and don’t care keeping your sight in the long run, go ahead and use one of those.

Reading on ebook tabletiPads and Android Tablets

iPad is a perfect eBook reader if you can afford one. Big screen with excellent resolutions and vivid colors, great ergonomics, excellent longevity and perfect handling make these devices a great match. Install one of the many eBook readers from Apple Marketplace, and you’re good to go! If Android OS gets your money, Android tablets are just as great. Make sure to pick one with a good screen using the right touch-sensitive technology, install an eBook reader from Google Marketplace, and you’re all set.

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