What's new in Booknizer 8.1

Improvements and new features in Booknizer 8.1

[+] The list of authors can now be sorted by the last name.

Previously all people (authors, translators, editors) in Booknizer were sorted according to their full name. Booknizer 8.1 introduces a special field, sorting name.

Authors sorted by the sorting name field

This field is filled out automatically, moving the last name to the beginning. You can edit it manually by clicking the "..." button next to the person's name in the "Edit info" window:

Edit sorting name

To apply different sorting rules to the main list of authors, click "Manage" and select "Sort authors list by":

Sort the list of authors in different ways

[+] The report builder can add the date when the report is created.

The easy-to-use report builder allows to create new reports in just a few clicks. Not it also includes the option that allows to print or export the date when the corresponding report is created.

Print report date

[+] User comments / reviews can be downloaded from the internet.

Booknizer downloads such information as book summary, author, cover, contents, and more. The new version is also capable of downloading user comments / reviews.

[+] Extended filters allow to set their own sorting rules.

Extended filters allow to create a fixed set of rules and apply them to the main list of books to display books with certain properties. In Booknizer 8.1, you can also override the selected sorting rule for any particular extended filter.

Sorting in extended filters

Thus, when you apply such filter, its own sorting rule will also be applied.

[+] A new type of person - artist (artwork designer) - was added.

Booknizer 8.1 adds a new type of person - book artist (artwork). You can find this field on the "Other" tab of the "Edit info" window for the book.

Artist - list of books

[+] Prices can now be imported from Litres.

Litres is a popular Russian-language online store for e-books. Booknizer 8.1 can download and save price, along with other details about books.

[+] Books without location can be easily displayed.

If you specify location of your paper books, but skipped several ones and now want to find them, you can easily do that in Booknizer 8.1. Just switch to the "Collection" tab and select the empty entry under "Location":

Showing books without location

[-] Fixed missing buttons for adding and removing editors.

The previous version of Booknizer lost its buttons for adding and removing editors on the "Other" tab of the "Edit info" window. Booknizer 8.1 fixes this problem:

Add and remove editors

[-] Fixed other small bugs.

Booknizer 8.1 includes other small improvements and bug fixes. Use our support form or forum to report a bug or suggest a new feature!

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