What's new in Booknizer 6.0

Improvements and new features in Booknizer 6.0

[!] Now Booknizer fully supports Unicode. You can catalog your books in any languages.

In Booknizer 6.0, it is possible to organize books in different languages within a single database! Information in any language can be typed in, imported, downloaded, or otherwise entered into the program, regardless of your system language.

Books in different languages

[+] New user interface: Breeze.

A new user interface was added in Booknizer 6.0: Breeze. Bigger covers and photos, adjustable font size and line spacing, and more features! You can switch between Breeze and Modern in "Options" (F10) - "User interface".

Breeze user interface

[+] Add book covers and photos of authors using Google Images.

While Booknizer can download covers together with information about books and photos with information about authors, there is an additional feature. You can search for more covers and photos by navigating to the page of the book/ author and clicking on the "Download cover" / "Download photo" button on the toolbar.

Booknizer 6.0 can search for additional covers and photos using Bing, as well as Google Images.

Search for book covers with Google Images

[+] Updates for currently used scripts are checked in the background.

In order to download information from online book databases, Booknizer uses scripts. They are special modules that process incoming information and make it suitable for your database. As online sources change their formats over time, Booknizer needs to update its scripts. By default, Booknizer checks for newer versions of the currently selected scripts at its startup. To save your time, Booknizer 6.0 checks for newer versions of scripts in the background, allowing the program to start faster.

Update scripts

[+] New statistics items: books by years and by rating.

In the statistics module (Reports - Statistics), new items are now available: years and your custom rating.

Statistics by rating

[+] It is now possible to add several images at once in the edit info dialog.

In previous versions of Booknizer, you could add images to information about authors and books one by one. In Booknizer 6.0, you can select multiple images and add them at once.

Add images

[+] Search for books in your database using a phrase from the summary.

The search engine of Booknizer 6.0 can now look for required information in summaries of books from your collection. Thus you can easily find books by entering a phrase or even a word from their descriptions.

Search in book descriptions

[+] Edit file extensions to add your e-books using the file scanner of Booknizer.

Booknizer supports a number of e-book formats that allow extracting information about book titles and authors more or less reliably, thus allowing to catalog your collection of EPUB, AZW, MOBI, and other e-book files in a couple of clicks. Booknizer 6.0 adds support for non-structured formats (such as TXT). Now you can add such files into the program in a batch, using the file scanner. Simply add necessary file extensions into the "File scanner settings" window:

Add and remove e-book file extensions

[+] Today's birthdays are now displayed on the home page.

As you download information about authors, various details, including birth date, are saved into your database. Booknizer 6.0 selects authors born on this day and shows them on its home page, on the "Born today" tab of the "Persons" area.

Authors born on January 31

[*] The date format was changed to display last added / updated books more precisely.

In Booknizer 6.0, the date field includes both date and time. This allows displaying various things more precisely. For example, if you add many books on a single day, all of them will still be sorted in the same order you added them, if you choose to sort books by date added.

[*] Download scripts were updated to include more information.

Various new features were introduced in the available scripts that download information about books and authors from the internet.

[-] Bug fixes.

Booknizer 6.0 includes many bug fixes and other small improvements. If you think that you found a bug or have an interesting new feature to suggest, please feel free to send your remarks using our support form or post them on our forum.

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