Booknizer 6 and working scripts?

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Booknizer 6 and working scripts?

Post by schotenandi » Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:23 pm

Hi all !

It's just a question... is it even possible to make scripts work for Booknizer 6.3 (yes, I fully satisfied with this version)? They have not worked for a long time and now I tried to understand and analyse the scripts. Amazon is the most important script for me so I decided to start with this script. Unfortunately I can't find the reason why it's not working.
The function "GetSearchURLbyName" gives the right SearchURL, but "DownloadSearchURL" gives a "-1".

Code: Select all

ALL := DownloadURLWithReferer(URL, '', False, RequestParameters);
The result of the function "DownloadURLWithReferer" (or "DownloadURL") is allways empty.

Maybe it's a problem of the program code and not script code?
I would be very happy if a script master can give me a hint :)

Best regards

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