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Forum registration

Post by Vlad » Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:03 pm

If you want to become a registered visitor of this forum, please take into account the following:
1. Our registration process requires activation. This means that the forum sends you an email message containing an activation link. You should follow the link to complete your registration.
2. Some email providers apply spam filters automatically, so if you don't receive the activation message in a few hours, please take a look at your spam settings and into your spam folder. If you don't get the activation message at all, please try registering with another email address (using another email provider).
3. Inactive (not confirmed) accounts will be removed. Sometimes we may remove even quite new members, so if you haven't managed to activate your account, please try again.
4. Users with no posts will be removed. All articles of the forum can be read by anonymous users, so there is no point in registering, unless you want to say something to the community.

We do all these things (except 2 which is done by your email provider) to prevent spammers (including spam bots) from posting their garbage here. We hope this causes no trouble for regular users.

If cannot enter the visual confirmation (CAPTCHA) correctly, please contact us and provide your user name. CAPTCHA was designed to keep spam-robots away, but it may be quite challenging for humans, too.

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